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  • Thursday
  • Jennie Sherlock
    Thursday 10:02 AM

    Hi Jordan!
    Feels like it's been a while! Home are you? Do you have ant time for the remainder of the week to help me with an ongoing project?

  • Thursday 10:02 AM
    James Williams

    Hi Martin, Glad to hear from you, I'm fine,what about you? and how it's going with the velocity website?
    Of course I will help with this project

  • Jennie Sherlock
    Thursday 10:04 AM

    Super, I will get you the new brief for our own site over to you this evening, so you have time to read over I'm good thank you!

  • Today
  • Today 10:08 AM
    James Williams

    Of course I can, just catching up with Steve on it and i'll write it out. Speak tomorrow! Let me know if you have any questions!

    img-1.jpg & img-2.jpg images for a New Projects

  • Jennie Sherlock
    Today 10:04 AM

    Thank You very much, I am waiting Project.

  • Today 10:08 AM
    James Williams

    When someone thanks us, our automatic response is to say, “You’re welcome.” This is something that we have learned from our parents and family and have been doing for a long time.

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