Modals Examples

Modals are streamlined, but flexible dialog prompts powered by JavaScript. They support a number of use cases from user notification to completely custom content and feature a handful of helpful subcomponents, sizes, and more.

Default Modal

Toggle a working modal demo by clicking the button below. It will slide down and fade in from the top of the page.

Fullscreen Modal

Another override is the option to pop up a modal that covers the user viewport, available via modifier classes that are placed a .modal-fullscreen.

Optional Sizes

Modals have three optional sizes, available via modifier classes to be placed on a .modal-dialog.

Vertically Centered

Add .modal-dialog-centered to .modal-dialog to vertically center the modal.

Scrollable Modal

Scrolling long content modal and You can also create a scrollable modal that allows scroll the modal body by adding .modal-dialog-scrollable to .modal-dialog.

Static Backdrop

When backdrop is set to static, the modal will not close when clicking outside it. Click the button below to try it.

Varying Modal Content

Use event.relatedTarget and HTML data-bs-* attributes to vary the contents of the modal depending on which button was clicked.

Toggle between modals

Toggle between multiple modals with some clever placement of the data-bs-target and data-bs-toggle attributes.

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